February 21, 2013

My Scrapbooking Evolution

I was browsing through Facebook this morning and noticed a post by Pink Paislee asking how long you have been scrapbooking.

Hmmm, I thought about it, then remembered a box of  my "junk" in the basement.  I dug it out and found a few scrapbooks I made.

Back in 1988 I loved the Canadian Group Glass Tiger.  This is the scrapbook (report folder and loose leaf paper) I made that consisted of magazine articles and posters...not a sticker in sight, just a couple of pens and scotch tape.

Along came New Kids on the Block, and a scrapbook devoted to my favourite member Jordan.  He still looks just as good today, without the braces and rats tail.  This was made in 1989-1991 I think.  These scrapbooks contained lots of cut out words and letters from magazines that contained the posters that covered my bedroom walls.
*check out my fussy cutting skills bahaha

I am pretty sure I made a Bon Jovi scrapbook but I can't find it...hmmm.  Must look for that one.

After these scrapbooks, I gave it up for a few years until we went on our first trip to the Dominican Republic in 2001.  I used an actual scrapbook for this project with a pack of neon paper and decorative scissors...and raffia.

When my oldest son was born in 2003 I did buy a few scrapbook supplies at Michael's and the dollar store and made a few pages.  I wasn't pleased with how they looked so I gave up again.

I discovered digital scrapbooking in 2007 while looking for fonts online.  It was love at first download.  Over the years I was on design teams, 5 at one point, now I just digiscrap for my buddy Lou.

In 2008, hubby and I went to San Francisco.  When we returned I made two 8x8 photo books printed from Arts Cow. I spent countless hours making these books and loved every second of it.

In 2011 I started to dabble in card making and discovered our local scrapbook store - The Paperie.  Last year I joined their monthly kit club and started making cards and layouts on a regular basis.

I just love scrapbooking, it really is great therapy.

Last month I was browsing at Michael's and found some divided pocket page protectors.  I decided to make a camping album in this style.  I love how the pages turned out, so quick to do.  I look forward to adding more pages when we go camping this summer.

Actually, my scrapbooking really started on my 9th birthday in 1983 with a sticker book from my Grandmother.  I arranged and re-arranged those stickers every day.

Check out the Duran Duran and Michael Jackson stickers from back in the fun!

The inside cover is full of the stickers that came in bags of chips...remember those??

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