March 30, 2011

Rediscovering Sewing - A kobo Case and Camera Strap Covers

A couple weeks ago I dusted off my sewing machine after finding some cute fabric to make a cover for my kobo and a couple of camera straps.

But first, I searched the interwebs looking for free patterns.  I used this one as a guide to make the kobo cover which I will start with.

After having some tension issues with my sewing machine (solved by watching a youtube video), I was good to go.

2 pieces of fabric cut to 9.5 in x 15 in
fusible lining (for a padded case) one piece cut to just over 9.5 in x 15 in
sewing cotton

I measured by kobo first to get the correct measurements.

Iron on the fusible lining to the wrong side of one of the pieces of fabric and trim the excess.

Flip the fabric to right side facing up.  Add the second piece of fabric, right sides together, and round one edge.  This will make the flap.

Pin and sew...this is where I discovered my sewing machine tension was off.  So, after looking up how to fix the problem, I was off again.

Leave a couple inch opening to turn the case right side out.  Iron to make the seams nice and flat.  Add your kobo and move it until you have it covered with a flap at the top.  Pin it in place.

The last step is to stitch around the entire pouch.  This sews over the opening we left and finishes off the case.

I didn't add a velcro closure because my case stays closed on its own. Here is the finished product.

Since my sewing machine was working like a charm, I went ahead and made these two camera strap covers using this tutorial.  Here are the finished straps.

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