February 11, 2011

project 365 - days 36 - 41

Days 36 - 41 (February 5 - 10)
day 36 - Evan sliding on the side of Suicide hill in Old Buchans
 day 37 - Rainbow after a snow storm

**day 38 - I was so sick and did not take a photo**
 day 39 - Still sick and took this right before bed - Nyquil is good stuff.
 day 40 - We now have lots of snow after another snow storm
day 41 - It was +4 C and Jacob wanted to go outside and play in the "shon-shine".  We built a fort.

Right after this photo, I took a video of Jacob and my camera would not go back to photo mode.

So, today, my wonderful hubby bought me a new camera - a DSLR camera.  I can scratch that item off my bucket list. :)

So, today's photo will be taken tonight after hubby gets home with my new camera.

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